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Our Story


I Founded Keyrift with a simple idea in mind, to offer beginning piano players a simple and enjoyable way to learn. 

As a kid, learning the piano was extremely overwhelming. I put so much time into it, but it just felt like such a time-consuming process. It was repetitive and uninspiring, having to hit the same notes over and over again to learn until I just lost interest in the song or exercise. 

I spent countless hours trying to find solutions to this, and that is when I learned about musical scales. It took time to understand the basics of music theory, but once I did, I was able to play along to any song or even make my own music on the piano. While this was great for me, many beginners were not willing to put this time in. This is when the idea for my featured product, "The Improkeys", was born.  

My goal is to provide any kid with a dream of playing the piano an opportunity to do so, and to show them that they do have the ability to play. It has brought me so much pleasure to see all the excitement and progress my customers have already had with the Improkeys. It truly is incredible to see people use my products to play the piano so well in such a short time, without having any piano experience at all.

As a college student at Florida Gulf Coast University, I have had such an incredible group of faculty and mentors helping me along this journey that continue to push me to follow my dreams. I carry that same vision along with me, hoping I can help kids out there continue to pursue their dream of playing the piano, the same dream that I still have today. 


Sean DeRossett

Founder and CEO