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Playing piano scales

Play Your Way


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Easy way to play piano chords. Teach yourself piano learning basic piano chords and piano notes

Just Follow the Colors

Just hit any piano key covered by the "color tabs" in any order, and it will sound great! Hit multiple piano keys covered by the same color to create a chord, our beginners really enjoy this part of the process!!!

Improkeys in D Major. Learning piano by teaching yourself piano. Playing notes and chords in a musical scale on the piano

Play with Many Different Sounds

The Improkeys can be positioned to cover any musical scale. This includes all major, minor, and inverted scales. Entry-level musicians love this for making their own songs or playing along to songs that already exist!

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Learning piano notes and chords. Teaching yourself piano. Easy way to learn piano

Fits any Piano

Are you wondering if the Improkeys will fit on your piano? No problem, the orange and Blue "color tabs" can be slid to fit any sized piano!

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Keyrift is taking the theory out of music theory

Paul Berlinsky, Composer

Makes playing the piano easy and fun

Aidan Dillon

I will be buying this for my kids and myself

Kyle Collins