Making Music with The Improkeys

Making Music with The Improkeys

            One of my favorite things to do is play the piano. There is a handful of songs that I enjoy playing from time to time, but what I enjoy the most is making my own music. The Improkeys has provided me with the foundation to create freely with no constraints. The difficult part about making music is understanding notes and chords that make sense together, especially when playing songs in different scales.

Playing a chord Piano

            The Improkeys does a nice job at highlighting the chords in each scale thanks to the color-coded chord system. It makes it quite simple to form chords and pair notes with it in a specific scale of my choice, and as I play, I can feel different relationships with the colors and notes as I play. Every time I sit down to play now, I discover new patterns and chord progressions that I fall in love with, and it makes it that much easier to create my next song.

            As you may already know, the C major scale is the simplest to learn, and makes up the beginner position of the Improkeys. You can make some really cool music with this position, but the real value that I get from the Improkeys is the ability it has to cover any musical scale on the piano. I love experimenting with every scale. Through this experience I have found that my favorite scale to play in is A major, and thanks to the time I have put in using the Improkeys I have become very proficient when playing the A major scale even when I am not using the Improkeys. While I am far from a professional pianist, I have the confidence to know that I am capable of proficiently playing in any musical scale immediately thanks to the functionality of the Improkeys.

            It seems like I am always learning something and coming up with new sounds every time I use this product. I look forward to listening to all the fun songs that Improkey players will be creating, and I am so excited to see the talented musicians that take advantage of this awesome product to help them reach their creative potential in music.

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