Piano Teachers Are Not For Everyone

Piano Teachers Are Not For Everyone

Learning The Piano

Learning how to play the piano can be quite a process. Taking piano lessons used to be the only way to play effectively. Piano lessons are still viable, but there is a clear issue that has become apparent over the years. While piano students are being taught effective skills, the process requires dedication. Specifically, a lot of time and effort must be put into the process to learn. This process is even more challenging if the piano student doesn't want to be there. Based on the people we have spoken to, a staggering 80% of people that have taken piano lessons no longer play at all! The most consistent reasons they listed for quitting included a lack of time and becoming bored with the lessons. Piano should be something fun and exciting, not something you or your child has to suffer through.

“Knowledge that is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.”

- Plato

A need for a solution to this problem has grown over the years, and can be validated by looking at the success of other companies creating products and services to help beginners learn the piano in more of a fast and fun manner. Self-teaching has become very popular as well with many choosing to watch YouTube instructional videos. This can be a great idea for some, but there is still a level of time and effort that must be put into finding the right content and rehearsing the songs or exercises. 

While many people would still prefer to take piano lessons, there is an undeniable need for simpler solutions. Starting to learn the piano should not be a chore, it should get the piano player excited for more! Keyrift is seeing this need, providing beginners an opportunity to learn the piano in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible by using something everyone can understand, colors. 

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